Basics of Academic Project Preparation – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – B.Com – Dibrugarh University Exams 2020 – 6thSemester

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Unit – 1: Introduction to Research Project

  1. What is Research Methodology? Explain its Objectives and significance in business decision making. 2017
  2. Define research.What are its features?Discuss the role of research in the following major areas.  2019
    1. Marketing
    2. Production
    3. Banking
  3. What are the various types of research? Explain the essentials of good research. 2017
  4. Distinguish between Research and Research Methodology. What are its characteristics? Explain the most common problems faced by researchers in India.               2018
  5. What is Research Design? Explain its various components.
  6. What is ‘Research Design’? What are its functions? Discuss the essential features of good research design. 2018
  7. What is the research problem? What are its components? Discuss the points that are to be considered while selecting a research problem.   2019
  8. “Research design in exploratory studies must be flexible but in descriptive studies, it must minimize bias and maximize reliability”. Discuss. 2017
  9. What is the Research Plan? Explain its various components.
  10. Write short notes on: Research Plan   2019

Unit – 2: Data Collection: Primary Data and Secondary Data

  1. Distinguish between primary and secondary data. Which data is to be selected at the time of research? What are the precautions which must be taken at the time of using secondary data? 2019
  2. What are the various types of interviews? Explain their merits and demerits.                               2017
  3. Explain the role of the interview in data collection   2017
  4. What is the interview? What are its objectives? Why is interview skill so important in conducting an interview?   2019
  5. What is Primary data? Mention the various methods for collecting primary data.       2018
  6. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of primary data.
  7. What is secondary data? Mention the various sources from where one can obtain secondary data. Discuss the essential characteristics of secondary data.        2017
  8. What is ‘Interview Skill’? Why is it so important in conducting an interview? Discuss in brief any four main areas of interview skill. 2018
  9. Write short notes on: Interview skill and interview effects

Unit – 3: Sampling and Questionnaire

  1. What is Questionnaire? What are the essentials of a good questionnaire? Mention its merits and demerits.Also distinguish between a schedule and a questionnaire.    2019
  2. What are various types of questionnaires? What are the guiding considerations in the construction of a questionnaire 2017?
  3. Explain various steps in designing an ideal questionnaire.                     2018
  4. What is sampling? Mention its features and importance. Why it is used in research?   2017
  5. What is sampling? What are the characteristics of a good sample? Also distinguish between census and sampling? 2019
  6. What are the various types of sampling?                        2017
  7. What is “Data Collection”? What are various tools of data collection?                             2018
  8. Write short notes on:
    1. Distinguish between schedule and Questionnaire    2017
    2. Quota Sampling
    3. Purposive Sampling
    4. Stratified Sampling
    5. Multi-stage sampling
    6. Schedule

Unit – 4: Research Report

  1. What is a research report? Mention the characteristics of a good research report. Write a brief note on the format and layout of a research report.        2018
  2. What are various types of a report?
  3. What is ‘Research Report’? What points will you keep in mind while preparing a research report? Explain. 2017
  4. What is research report? Explain the various types of research report. Mention the qualities of a good research report.  2019
  5. What is “Data Processing”? Discuss the steps involved in data processing.                    2018
  6. What is ‘Interpretation’? Why is interpretation called as a fundamental component of the research process? Also discuss the steps involved in the techniques of interpretation.   2017
  7. What is tabulation? What are the essential parts of a good table? Explain the requisites of a good table. 2019
  8. Write short notes on:
    1. Quantitative data analysis
    2. Qualitative data analysis
    3. Referencing
    4. Hypothesis
    5. Difference between research and bibliography


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