Chaar Batein

Four Liners on Assam Floods

Status : Concluded
Result Declared On : 23rd August, 2020
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Rules and Regulations

1. The form of Literature should be written within Four Lines(4) and the form of literature should be in any of the below given options i.e. Microtale, Shayari, Quote, Thought, Poetry and Humor.

2. The participants have the option to choose between any of the given languages :Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, English for their literature.

3. The Topic of your Literature is “The current scenario of Assam’s Flood”.The literature should be positive and should not be conflicting with the political and social scenario prevailing currently.

4. Top 3 Literature would be selected on the basis of:

(D)Sound Play(only in case of Poetry /Slam Poetry).

5.You have to submit your “Chaar Batein” in the section provided in the form itself.We will not accept images of handwritten lines or only lines sent via Direct Messages on any of our Social Media Handles.

6.The Literature should not be a product of Plagiarism.If found the same would be Disqualified.


Kindly go through the underlined rules:

1. Fill in the form, Upload your Literature, and Submit. Please Fill-in the correct details so that you don’t miss out on your prize.

2. We will post your art on our official page as a post. You just have to put it up as your story with two of these tags #ChaarBatein , #AssamFloods and #RollingNotes.
If you do not own an IG or FB handle, you just have to upload your literature on Whatsapp story with the above given hashtags and add our number to your Whatsapp.

3. We don’t ask for any money for the competition. It’s FREE to participate.

4. You can ask about your queries in the comments section of the post related to the competition on our IG or FB. We will reply ASAP there.

5. The literature will be judged by a proper jury and they will select the top 3 Candidates.

6. The competition will be held between 10 August to 15 August. There will be 3 winners and the prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: ₹500 + Merchandise + Showcase on our Website as well as other social media handles.
2nd Prize: ₹300 + Merchandise + Showcase on our Website as well as other social media handles.
3rd Prize: ₹200 + Merchandise + Showcase on our Website as well as other social media handles.

7. All the participants will be awarded E-Certificate after the results are announced. The E-Certificates will be sent to your E-mail soon after the results are out.

8.If it so happens that there is a draw for any position of the prize, we will announce the winners for the left out positions and the competitors with the TIE will share the prize money.

9. The details provided must be correct and the winners will be contacted for their Paytm/GPay/Bank Account Info for the same.

10. All the information/s provided via this form will be SAFE with us as per our RollingNotes’ Privacy Policy. We will not share/trade any information with any third-party what-so-ever. Your data is safe with us.

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The literature CANNOT EXCEED 4(Four) Lines but CAN BE LESS then the same.

The last date to submit the literature for the competition is 18th August, 2020 upto 11pm

The E-CERTIFICATE will be issued after the completion of the competition and will reach your respective E-mail. Keep your mailbox on a check. 

The only way to participate is through the link given on our website and all our social Media Handles.There is no other way to participate for the same.

The Participant must fill in the form as directed and the link to the same is given on our website and other social media handles.

The winners wil get the following:

1st Prize: ₹ 500 + Merch + Showcase on all our Media handles including Website.
2nd Prize: ₹ 300 + Merch + Showcase on all our Media handles including Website.
3rd Prize: ₹ 200 + Merch + Showcase on all our Media handles including Website.

The Participant must have an email(Can be anyone’s) but its not necessary to have a social media handle to participate,the same field in the form should be left empty if she/he doesn’t have one.

The contest will be judged by a proper jury set up for the same.

The likes and comments matter only when two Literature ties for any position be it top 6 or top 3 when judged by the jury.

The minimum age limit is 16 and maximum is 45 for all the participants.



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