Good Research Design

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A good research design should satisfy the following four conditions namely objectivity , reliability and generation of the findings.


It refers to the findings related to the method of data collection and scoring of the responses.The research design should permit the measuring instrument which are fairly objective in which every observer or judge scoring the performance must precisely give the same report.

2. Reliability

Reliability refers to consistency through out a series of measurements. For eg: if a respondent gives out a response to a particular item, he is expected to give the same response to that itemeven if he is asked repeatedly. If he is changing his response to the same item, the consistency will be lost. So the researcher should frame the items in a questionnaire in such a way that it provide consistency or reliability.


Any measuring device or instrument is said to be valid when it measures what it is expected to measure.


A research design helps an investigation to generalized design helps the investigator to generalize his findings provided he has taken due care in defining appropriate statistical analysis etc. while preparing the research design.

Thus a good research design is one which is methodologically prepared and should ensure that:

a) The measuring instrument can yield objective, reliable and valid data.

b) The population is clearly defined.

c) Most appropriate techniques of sample selection is used to form an appropriate sample.

d) Appropriate statical analysis has been carried out, and

e) The finding of the study is capable of generalisations.

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