2021 (Held in 2022) Principles of Marketing Question Paper | Previous Year Question Paper | 5th Semester | BCOM (CBCS) – Dibrugarh University

2021 (Held in 2022) Principles of Marketing Question Paper | Previous Year Question Paper | 5th Semester | BCOM (CBCS) – Dibrugarh University

Dibrugarh University B. Com 5th Sem Question Papers CBCS Pattern
Principles of Marketing Question Paper 2021
(Held in January/February, 2022)
Paper: C-511 (Principles of Marketing)
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32
Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Write True or False:                             1×5=5

(1)       Packaging and labeling are same.

(2)       Creating customers means exploring and identifying the needs and requirements of customers.

(3)       Order processing is the component of physical distribution mix.

(4)       Test marketing is normally the last step in the development process before a new product is launched either at regional or at national level.

(5)       Registration of trademark is compulsory.

(b) Answer as directed:                              1×3=3

(1)       Write one of the differences between ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’.

(2)       State one of the disadvantages of market segmentation.

(3)       Branded product provides psychological satisfaction to the _______.  (Fill in the blank)

2. Write short notes on any three of the following:            4×3=12

(a)       Objectives of Pricing.

(b)       After-sales Service.

(c)        Role of Marketing Channel.

(d)       Online Marketing.

3. (a) Discuss the nature and scope of marketing.               6+6=12


(b) What is marketing environment? Discuss the environmental variables which influence the environment of an organization.      4+8=12

4. (a) What is consumer behaviour? Discuss the psychological determinants of consumer behaviour.       4+8=12


(b) What is meant by market segmentation? State and explain the importance of market segmentation. 4+8=12

5. (a) Critically discuss the objectives and components of product planning.  6+6=12


(b) What do you mean by product development? Discuss the various stages involved in the development of new product.  4+8=12

6. (a) What is meant by packaging? Describe in brief the important functions associated with product packaging.   4+8=12


(b) Discuss the importance of price as a part of marketing mix. Also discuss the pricing strategies for a new product. 6+6=12

7. (a) Write a note on the needs and importance of promotion.   6+6=12


(b) Why are distribution channels required? Discuss the factors which are to be considered for selecting a distribution channel.               4+8=12


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