Banking (2016) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Banking (2016) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper



Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the question

1. Answer as directed: (8)

a) In which year ‘Central Bank’ in India was established?

b) The ‘Imperial Bank of India Act’ was passed in .

c) What is Inflation?

d) State the meaning of e-banking.

e) What is Investment Bank?

f) Write the full form of NABARD.

g) All the ATMs are open for 12/18/24 hours. (Choose the correct answer)

h) Explain who is a minor.

2. Give the definition of Bank. (2)

3. State the meaning of bank rate. (2)

4. What is barter system? (2marks)

5. Mention any two defects of Indigenous Bank. (2)

6. Classify bank accounts. (2)

7. Give the meaning of overdraft. (3)

8. Explain about any three internal departments of a bank. (3)

9. What do you mean by trade cycle? (3)

10. Explain why the Central Bank is called ‘banker’s bank’. (3)

11. State the meaning of Insurance of bank deposit. (3)

12. Narrate five differences between co-operative bank commercial bank. (5)

13. Describe the methods of issuing notes by the Central Bank. (5)

14. Elaborately discuss about the different types of banks. (5)

15. Explain briefly about main objectives of credit control. (5)

16. Write a short note on the different phases of trade cycle. (5)

17 (a). Discuss the agency functions of a bank. (5)

(b) What are the secondary functions of bank?

18 (a). State any two selective credit control techniques adopted by Reserve bank of India. (5)

(b) What are the different types of e-banking services?

19(a) Explain the different types of accounts. Explain the procedure of opening savings account. (2+6=8)

(b) What precaution should be taken by a banker while opening account in the name of a married woman?

20. Explain the capital and licensing of a Commercial Bank. (4+4=8)

21. Mention four Development Banks in India. Explain the main functions of Development Bank. (4+4=8)

22. Write short notes on any two of the following: (8)

a) Regional Rural Bank:-

b) Recession:-

c) Foreign Exchange:-

d) Pass book:-

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