Box And Cox | Long Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

Box And Cox | Long Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

Q. Attempt a character sketch of any one of the following in about 80 words: (5marks) (2017)

a) Mrs. Bouncer

-> Mrs. Bouncer is a greedy and opportunist lady who wished to make more money by giving two people the same room as their working hours were totally different from each other. She lent Mr. Box a printer and Mr. Cox a hatter the same room. One worked at night and the other during the day. But slowly the changes in the room, the shifting of the furniture or the things in the kitchen and other such things finally disclosed the fact that they were living in the same room by paying two rents. Mrs. Bouncer thought the capital idea could not last for long and she was caught by the two tenants.

b) Mr. Cox

-> In the short story “Box and “Cox” Mr. Cox was a hat maker who went out in the morning and returned home at night to sleep. He shared his room unknowingly with Mr. Cox who rented the room to the both under different pretenses. He used all sorts of hats like white, black, broad brimmed, narrow brimmed hats etc. he was suspicious of Mr. Bouncer that she had been using his flat during the day as things were disappearing from the room. He abstained smoking, so he did not like the smell of tobacco in his room. He was not also quarrelsome but opposed unjust things done by Mrs. Bouncer.

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