Business Studies (2016) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Business Studies (2016) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper



Full Marks: 100

Time: 3 hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions:                          1×8=8

a)         Name the head of Joint Hindu Family Business.

b)         In which business organization there is separation of ownership and management?

c)          Which document is called a charter of the company?

d)         Name the partner whose association with the firm is not known to the general public.

e)         Name the company formed as a result of partnership between two companies.

f)          Give one example of chain store.

g)         As per SEBI guidelines, what is the minimum subscription that a company must receive before issue of shares?

h)         Name two sources of funds under owner’s fund.

2. What is a prospectus?                               2

3. Give the meaning of business ethics.                                 2

4. What do you understand by letter of credit?                  2

5. Mention two characteristics of statutory corporation.                                2

6. What is global enterprise?                       2

7. State any three features of sole proprietorship business.         3

8. Explain the social responsibilities of a business towards the environment.                        3

9. Mention the non-economic objectives of business.                    3

10. Explain ‘Inter-Corporate deposit’ as a source of finance.                        3

11. State three functions of a promoter.                               3

12. Discuss five advantages of e-business.                            5

13. Explain five principles of insurance.                                  5

14. Discuss the modes of dissolution of partnership business.                     5


Explain the basic features of services.                    5

15. Briefly explain the problems of International business.                           5

16. Distinguish between shares and debentures.              5

17. Explain any five factors to be considered for choice of form of business enterprise.                                  5

18. Discuss the functions of a retailer.                                     5

19. What is a partnership deed? Explain the contents of a partnership deed?                      2+6=8


Describe the steps involved in promotion of a company.                                               8

20. Discuss the arguments in favour and against social responsibilities of business.            4+4=8


What is a Memorandum of Association? State the contents of Memorandum of Association.                      2+6=8

21. What are the different types of co-operative societies? Discuss.                        8


What is debenture? State the merits and demerits of debenture as a source of finance.                                2+6=8

22. Define small-scale industry. Explain the problems faced by small-scale industries.                                      2+6=8


What is a departmental store? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.                             2+3+3=8

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