Business Studies (2016) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Business Studies (2016) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three Hours.
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Answer the following questions:
a)      Why is it said that management is pervasive?                             1
b)      What is the main objective of fatigue study?                               1
c)       What is the first step of staffing process?                     1
d)      When working capital becomes negative?                    1
e)      What is the other name of primary market?                                1
f)       What do you mean by Brand?                            1
g)      Name the association that has devised a code of conduct for Indian managers.            1
h)      How management principles are derived?   1
2. Write two differences between authority and responsibility.                 2
3. Give two points of distinction between training and development.                     2
4. State two importance of supervision.                                2
5. Mention two points of distinction between rules and policies.                               2
6. Write two features of Capital Market.                               2
7. Explain briefly the process of Controlling.         3

8. State three advantages of Management Information System.                               3
State Return On Investment (ROI) as a technique of modern control.
9. Explain three factors affecting financing decision of a corporate organization.                                 3
Explain three basic areas of financial management.
10. State the importance of consumer protection from businessmen’s point of view.                      3
Write three objectives of entrepreneurial development.
11. How complaints are redressed under the Consumer Protection Act 1986?                     3
State any three functions of an entrepreneur in relation to economic development.
12. Outline briefly the process of planning.                          5
State five leading importance of planning.
13. Distinguish between Taylor’s scientific management and Fayol’s principles of management.                                 5
14. What is liberalization? Explain the process of liberalization in India.                    5
Discuss the impact of economic reforms on business and industry.
15. Explain five different off the job methods of training.              5
16. Give five reasons to support management as a profession.                   5
17. State five functions of Stock Exchange in India.                           5
18. What is packaging? What are its functions?                   5
19. What do you mean by delegation of authority? What are its elements? Why delegation of authority is considered essential in management?                           2+2+4=8
What are the steps in the process of organizing? State four points explaining the importance of organizing?   4+4=8
20. Explain Abraham Maslow’s theory on hierarchy of needs and mention the basic assumptions of the theory.  5+3=8
Outline the concept of leadership in management. What are the qualities of an ideal business leader?         2+6=8
21. Discuss four internal and external factors affecting capital structure decision of a company.                        4+4=8
What are the aspects of dividend decision? Explain six factors affecting dividend decision of a company.     2+6=8
22. What is personal selling? State three advantages of personal-selling. How personal selling is helpful to the society?                2+3+3=8

State four components of physical-distribution. Why physical distribution is assuming greater importance day to day. 4+4=8

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