Business Studies (2019) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Business Studies (2019) | Class 11 (First Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper


Full Marks: 100

Pass Marks: 30

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. Answer the following questions:                                                   8

a)         What are the different types of business activities?

b)         Business of Hindu University Family (HUF) are controlled and managed by one person known as _____.

c)          Which organization is formed by state and central legislation?

d)         Name two different types of banks.

e)         What does ‘e’ stand for in e-business?

f)          State the full form of BPO.

g)         What is the status of debenture-holders?

h)         A retailer is the link between _____ and _____.

2. Explain the concept of Business.                                                                  2

3. Give two distinctive features of a sole-proprietorship business.                   2

4. What is meant by Multinational Corporation?                                              2

5. Define a cottage industry.                                                                              2

6. What is meant by promotion of a Company?                                                2

7. Discuss three factors responsible for environmental pollution.                    3

8. Discuss the advantages of preference shares.                                                3

9. What are the objectives of WTO?                                                                  3

10. State any three differences between E-business and traditional business.     3

11. Discuss three limitations of E-business.                                     3

12. What is the role of profit in business?                                        5

13. What is business ethics? Mention the basic elements of business ethics.           5

14. Explain the steps involved in formation of a Private Limited Company.             5

15. Describe the role played by small business in the development of the country.    5

16. Explain the need for international business.                                     5

17. Define a retailer. Discuss the functions performed by a retailer.      5

18. Discuss the various facilities provided by a commercial bank to its customers.      5

19. Define Joint Venture. State the advantages and limitations of a joint venture.        2+6=8


What is meant by a Government Company? Discuss its merits and limitations.          2+6=8

20. What is ‘Memorandum of Association’? Explain its clauses.                3+5=8


Define ‘Articles of Association’. Write the differences between ‘Memorandum of Association’ and ‘Articles of Association’.

21. Discuss some of the sources of long term capital.                 8


22. What is business risk? Explain its causes.                            2+6=8


What are the factors that need to be considered while starting a business? Explain.               8

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