Business Studies (2019) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Business Studies (2019) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Full Marks : 100
Pass Marks : 30
Time : Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. (a) Who is known as the father of scientific management ?   1
(b) In which year Indian economy was opened up ?     1
(c) Budget is a quantitative expression. (Write True or False)  1
(d) Name the organisation which regulates the working of banks in India.  1
(e) Name one method of on the job training.   1
(f) Give the full form of SEBI.    1
(g) Name one feature of a good control system.    1
(h) Name one external source of recruitment.  1
2. What is ratio analysis ? 2
3. State two objectives of NSE.  2
4. Write two differences between advertising and personal selling.  2
5. Give two differences between capital market and money market.  2
6. Explain two rights given to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.   2
7. Explain the concept of Taylor’s Differential Piece Rate system.   3
8. (a) Define Organisation as a group activity. 3
(b) Discuss the types of Organisation structure. 3
9. (a) Discuss the objectives of financial planning. 3
(b)¬†Define current assets. Give¬†two¬†examples of current assets.¬†¬†¬†¬†2+¬Ĺ+¬Ĺ=3
10. (a) Who can file a complaint before a consumer court ?    3
(b) Briefly discuss three important features of entrepreneurship.    3
11. (a) Explain any three factors affecting pricing of a product.  3
(b) Write any three merits of Internal recruitment.    3
12. Define management and discuss its objectives.    2+3=5
13. Explain the impact of Economic Reforms on Business and Industry.    5
14. (a) Discuss the Elements of Delegation.     5
(b) Distinguish between delegation and decentralisation of authority.   5
15. Discuss the features of liberalisation.     5
16. Analyse the steps involved in the staffing process of an organisation.  5
17. (a) What do you mean by responsibility centres ? Discuss any three types of responsibility centres.          2+3
(b) Discuss the traditional techniques of management control.    5
18. (a) Explain the main elements of marketing mix.  5
(b) Discuss the factors influencing pricing.  5
19. (a) Discuss the contributions of Taylor and Fayol in the context of management.   8
(b) Discuss the significance of the principles of management.  8
20. (a) Define co-ordination. Discuss the importance of co-ordination. 2+6=8
(b)¬†‚ÄúManagement is considered to be both an Art and Science‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄĒ Explain.¬†¬†¬†8
21. (a) Why planning is considered to be a primary function of management ? Explain the concepts of policy and rule. 2+3+3=8
(b) What is meant by planning ? Discuss the steps involved in the planning process.         3+5=8
22. (a) Define financial management. What are the objectives of financial management ?        2+6=8
(b) What is capital structure ? Mention few factors that influence capital structure.   2+6=8

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