Business Studies (2020) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Business Studies (2020) | Class 12 (Second Year) | AHSEC | Assam Higher Secondary – Previous Year Question Paper

Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: Three hours
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions

1. (a) Write one important objective of management.                    1
(b) What is a trade mark?                         1
(c) In which year Govt. of India announced the New Industrial Policy?             1

(d) Write True or False:
1)         Training is a systematic learning process.                     1
2)         Setting the standard of performance is the first step in the control process.       1
3)         Services can be stored.
4)         Convenience products have a regular and continuous demand.                       1
5)         ISI mark signifies Quality assurance on electrical goods.                        1
2. What is meant by recruitment?                            2
3. What is meant by ratio analysis?                           2
4. Write two features of Capital market.                                2
5. Write two differences between authority and responsibility.                      2
6. State two importance of supervision.                                2
7. What do you mean by management by exception?                     3
8. Outline three leading features of a good control system.                          3
9. Discuss three objectives of financial planning.                                3
State the three decisions involved in financial management.                                 3
10. What are the legal protections offered to consumers under The Consumers Protection Act, 1986?
Who is an entrepreneur? Mention the functions of an entrepreneur.                3
11. Explain any three rights ensured to consumers in India.                          3
What do you understand by entrepreneurial attitude?                          3
12. Discuss five principles of Management developed by Henry Fayol.                    5
13. Why co-ordination is considered as the essence of management?                     5
Explain the techniques of scientific management.                    5
14. How globalisation has affected business in India? Explain.                      5
15. Distinguish between functional structure and divisional structure.                     5
16. State five disadvantages of internal sources of recruitment.                                 5
17. State five functions of Stock Exchange in India.                           5
18. What is publicity? Distinguish between advertising and publicity.            2+3=5
Explain the functions of marketing.                                 5
19. What do you mean by delegations of authority? What are its elements? Why delegation of authority is considered essential in management?            2+2+4=8
What are the steps in the process of Organising? State four points explaining the importance of Organising.                 3+5=8
20. What is training? Explain any six off-the-job training methods followed by the organisations. 2+6=8
Explain the importance of staffing. Distinguish between recruitment and selection.  5+3=8
21. Discuss four internal and external factors affecting capital structure decision of a company.                 4+4=8
What are the aspects of dividend decision? Explain six factors affecting dividend decision of a company.       2+6=8
22. What is SEBI? Discuss its functions.                   2+6=8
Distinguish between money market and capital market. Explain the features of money market.       3+5=8

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