The Listeners | Important Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

The Listeners | Important Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

Q. Where did the bird fly out from when the traveler knocked on the door? (1mark) (2015)

-> When the traveler knocked out the door the bird flew out of the turn above his head.

Q. Does anyone answer his knock?  (1mark) (2015)

-> No one answered his knock.

Q. What message does the traveler leave behind for ‘them’ in ‘the Listeners’? (2mark) (2015) 

-> He told the listener that he had kept his promise. The traveller gave this message to the listener to tell the residence of the house.

Q. What does the Traveler tell the Listeners? (2mark) (2016)

-> The traveller told the listeners that he had come there but none answered him. He had kept his promise.

Q. Describe in your own words the house that the traveler visited. (3marks) (2016)

-> The traveller visited an empty house in a forest. The house was old as its floors were covered by ferns. But the house was empty as he got no response to his call. Only a host of phantoms were there in the house. Silence and void prevailed in the house.

Q. For he suddenly smote on the door, even

Louder, and lifted his head:-

“Tell them I came, and no one answered,

That I kept my word,” he said.    (2017)

i) Who is the ‘he’ mentioned in the above lines? (1mark)

-> He is the traveler.

ii) Why did he smote on the door ‘even louder’? (1mark)

-> He smote on the down even louder because initial knocks gave him no answer.


Who is the ‘them’ referred to in the above lines? (1mark)

-> They refer to those people whom the traveler had promised to come back.

iii. Why do you think the ‘I’ had visited the place? Was he able to achieve his purpose? (3marks)

-> The ‘I’ in the traveler who has come to knock on a moonlit door in an eerie, unknown place to keep an unnamed promise. He knocks at the door several times but gets no response at all. Believing that some phantom listeners might be inside he tells them that he kept his promise. He leaves without hearing his purpose achieved.


Describe in your own words the place where ‘I’ goes to meet ‘them’. (3marks)

-> The traveler comes to a deserted house in the midst of a forest the house was mysterious. He knocks several times but gets no answer. The strangeness and weird look of the house makes him realize that there might be some unnatural residents inside the house. Even his words kept echoing in the darkness of the house. 

Q. Describe in your own words the experience of the traveler of “The Listeners”. (5marks) (2016)

-> In “the listener, the traveler had visited an empty house in a forest, on a moonlight night, the traveler did not get a response from the residence of that lonely house when he knocked at the door. He felt strange about the situation. He stood baffled and, motionless as to his utter dismay the only listeners were a host of ghosts. The message that he wanted to convey to the person in the house was only reverberated back. The silence that welcomed him was only broken with the plunging hoofs of the traveler’s horse as he retreated. He knocked several times but got no response.  

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