When Autumn Came | Long Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

When Autumn Came | Long Questions | Alternative English | 1st Year / Class 11 – Commerce | AHSEC (Assam)

Q. Attempt a critical appreciation of “when Autumn Came’? (6marks) (2015)

-> “When the autumn came” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a metaphoric personification of change having a huge impact on something near and dear to him. This is a revolutionary poem. Through this poem, the poet expresses his voice against exploitation of the poor people (the Laborers or workers) by the  rich or capitalist class people. The rich people led a luxurious life at the cost of the poor people. However the workers and laborers worked hard and got nothing and the poor did nothing but looted everything from the poor. The workers’ voice is not in position to protest against any exploitation because they have to survive. The same condition happens with the trees with the coming autumn season. Tress is lifeless and their leaves turn yellow. The birds forget to sing merrily. Here autumn represents the exploiter and the trees are being exploited. 

                  Therefore the poet prays to the god of May to give back life to the lifeless trees so that the trees get back their leaves and again the birds can sing merrily. With such expression the poet praises god to renew the life of the poor laborer with life and hope so that they can have a meaningful life. Their lives should not more be dried as dust and fresh blood should flow through their views. So that on one should be exploited by anybody. He wants to see a young and energetic one.

Q. Describe in your own words the autumn season as described by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in When Autumn Came. (5marks) (2017)

-> When autumn came the trees became lifeless. Autumn comes like a monster and uncovers the trees and makes them naked. Their yellow leaves fall off the trees and those are scattered over the ground. Trees are exploited in such a way but they could not raise their voice against such exploitation. Even birds that are known as the proclaimed of colorful days are sent away so no such voice can be raised. The poet prays to the God of May to have mercy and begs blessings to the exploited so that they can be brought back to life again. Only the power of God can save the exploited from the exploitation and they can come back to life. 

The poet wants to see trees with life which are full of green leaves so that birds can sing again. The poet wants to see a colorful day among those victims of exploitations.

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