‘Research Design’ and its functions

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What is ‘Research Design’? What is its function?

A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collecting and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure.

Functions of Research Design

1.Operational plan

The operating plan of the research is an overall, detailed answer to the steps that are taken in research question. This plain helps the research and the readers get to know about the sampling process, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation.

2. Validity and reliability of the research design.

The other important function of the research is to maintain validity, reliability, accuracy and authenticity of the research by using effective research by using effective research tools.


Reliability is an important factor in any research study in order for a study to be valid it should first be reliable.


Validity means that the research design you have devised should measure what needs to be measured in your research. The construct should measure the variable that needs to be measured.

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