SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – B.Com-Dibrugarh University – 6th Semester Exam 2020

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Unit – 1: Introduction to Small Business Enterprises

  1. What are the characteristics of small business enterprises? 2019  Explain the role (rationale) of small enterprises in the development of a nation.                            2014, 2016, 2018
  2. Explain the Industrial Policy of the government of India towards the promotion and management of Micro and Small Enterprises in North East India.                 2015, 2018
  3. Examine the problems faced by the small scale industries in North-East India and suggest measures for their solution.              2014
  4. Define a Small Enterprise in Indian Context. What are various types of micro and small enterprises? 2015, 2017
  5. Define a Micro Enterprise in Indian Context. What are its characteristics? Write the rationale behind Micro Enterprises.
  6. Write a brief note on features of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.       2016
  7. Explain the relationship and difference between Large and Small Enterprises                             2017
  8. Describe the major problems faced by the small-scale industries in India.       2019
  9. Describe in brief the different types of micro, small and medium enterprises, and their distinctive features.        2019      
  10. Discuss the various marketing problems faced by the micro and small enterprises.   2019
  11. Write short notes on : 2019
    1. Characteristics of small business enterprises.
    2. Rational behind the development of small-scale industries.
    3. Quality control technology for small-scale industries.

Unit – 2: Plant Location and Plant Layout

  1. What are the various stages in the new product development process?                         2018
  2. What is Quality Control? Mention its objectives. Discuss its importance and point out its major advantages.                2016
  3. What are the various quality control methods? Explain them briefly.       2018
  4. What is the technical know-how? What is its importance? Write a brief note on government initiatives for technological up-gradation of small manufacturing enterprises.                           2015, 2017
  5. What do you mean by Plant Location? What is the importance of Plant Location for a small enterprise? Point out the important factors which an entrepreneur should consider to determine the plant location of a plant.   2015, 2017
  6. What is Plant Layout? What is the importance of Plant Layout? Explain the factors that influence the plant layout. Point out the major objectives of Plant Layout.                 2016
  7. What do you understand by plant location? Discuss the different factors to be taken into consideration while selecting the location of an industrial unit.   2019
  8. Explain the various stages involved in deciding the product design of a new product.           2019
  9. What is Production Planning and Control? What are its objectives? Point out various stages in Production Planning and Control.
  10. State the various factors that should be considered while fixing the price of a product.     2019

Unit – 3: Financial Management

  1. What is Working Capital? What is its importance? Explain its role in Small Business Enterprise.      2015
  2. What are various types of Working Capital? Point Out the various factors that influence the size of working capital.  2014, 2016, 2018
  3. Explain the various sources of working capital of Small business enterprises.                              2014, 2016, 2018
  4. What is fixed capital? Explain the various sources of fixed capital of Small business enterprises.                       2017
  5. Discuss the various financial requirements in small-scale enterprises.                         2015, 2017
  6. Write short notes on:
    1. NEFDi
    2. SIDBI
    3. National Small Industries Corporation
    4. Gross working Capital Vs. Net working Capital
    5. Sources of working capital in small business.   2019
    6. Operating Cycle

Unit 4: Marketing Management

  1. What is packaging? Explain the role and functions of packaging?                        2018
  2. What is pricing? Discuss the factors influencing the pricing decision in a small business enterprise.                2014, 2018
  3. What do you mean by marketing management? Discuss its functions.                             2018 
  4. Write short notes on:   2019
    1. Market segmentation.
    2. The features of a good packaging.
  5. Discuss the factors that should be considered by the marketer in the selection of a distribution channel.   2019
  6. What is salesmanship? Discuss the objectives and benefits of salesmanship.          2019
  7. What is Sales Promotion? What are its various types? Distinguish between salesmanship and advertising.
  8. What is advertising? Explain its significance and limitations.                                2017
  9. Define Marketing. Discuss the marketing problems faced by the small and micro enterprises in India.  2015, 2017
  10. What is a marketing mix? Explain 4 p’s of marketing.
  11. What is Marketing Segmentation? Explain the significance of market segmentation for small-scale enterprises. 2016
  12. What do you mean by channels of distribution? Explain the different types of channels used by the small business enterprises for various products including ancillarization.                 2016, 2018
  13. What is meant by market assessment? Why is it needed for small-scale enterprises? What are the common methods used for market assessment?                 2015
  14. What is a Marketing Information System? What are its components? Explain its functions and advantages.
  15. Write short notes on: Market Research and Brand vs. Trademark

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