The Indian Contract Act 1872-Specific – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – Business Law – B.Com – Dibrugarh University – As per CBCS System

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Importance Questions

The Law of Contract 1872-Specific


Indemnity and guarantee

Short Questions

  1. Define a contract of indemnity.
  2. What are the rights of indemnity holder when sued?
  3. What are the rights of indemnifier?
  4. What is a Co-surety ?
  5. When is a contract of guarantee held to be invalid?

Long Questions

  1. Define a contract of indemnity. What  are the rights of an indemnity holder when sued?
  2. What is a contract of guarantee? What are its characteristics? Distinguish between contract and guarantee and a contract of indemnity?
  3. Who is surety? What are his rights?

Bailment and Pledge

Shorts questions

  1. What is bailment?
  2. Who is the bailor?
  3. Who is bailee?
  4. How many kinds of bailment are there?
  5. What is pledge?

Long questions

  1. Define a contract of bailment. What are its essentials?
  2. What are its rights and duties of a bailee?
  3. Who is bailor? State briefly his rights and duties.
  4. Define pledge. What are the essentials of a valid pledge?
  5. Define pledge. What are the rights of the pawnor and pawnee  under the Indian Contract Act?
  6. Define bailment. What are the duties of bailor?


Short questions

  1. Define an agent?
  2. Who is principal?
  3. Is consideration needed in a contract of agency?
  4. Who is del credere agent?
  5. Who is a general agent?
  6. Who is a particular agent?
  7. Who is an agency of necessity?
  8. Who is the sub agent?

Long questions

  1. Who is an agent? How does he differ from a subagent? How is an agency created?
  2. Who is a sub-agency? When may an agent appoint a sub-agent?
  3. Explain the distinction between a sub-agent and a substituted agent and point out the difference in their relationships with the principal.
  4. What are the duties of an agent?
  5. What is an agency coupled with interest? Is such an agency revocable? Is so. when?
  6. Who is the agent? Explain different kinds of Agents?


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