The Sale of Goods Act-1930 – IMPORTANT QUESTIONS – Business Law – B.Com – Dibrugarh University – As per CBCS System

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Important Questions

Unit III

Law of sale of Goods

Contract of sale of Goods

Shorts questions

  1. What is a contract of sale?
  2. What is an agreement to sell?
  3. Distinguish between a sale and an agreement to sell?
  4. What are specific goods?
  5. What are future goods?
  6. What are contingent goods?

Long questions

  1. Explain clearly the essential elements which must co-exist for constituting a valid sale of goods. In what respect does a sale differ from an agreement to sell?
  2. What is contract of sale ? State its essential characteristics.
  3. Distinguish between a sale and a hire- purchases agreement.

Conditions and warranties

Shorts questions

  1. Define a condition in a contract of sale.
  2. what is a warranty in a contract of sale.
  3. What is meant by caveat emptor?
  4. Distinguish between condition and  warranty ?
  5. Under what circumstances the rule of caveat emptor is not applicable?

Long questions

  1. (a) Define and distinguish between a condition and a warranty.

(b) Under what circumstances can a breach of condition be treated as a breach of warranty ?.

2. Explain briefly the implied condition and warranties in a contract of sale.

3. Explain the doctrine ‘caveat Emptor’ and state the exceptions to it.

Transfer of ownership

Shorts questions

  1. What is meant by the term ‘property in good’?
  2. What is meant by deliverable state ?
  3. What is a C.I.F. contract ?
  4. Who can sell the goods?
  5. Who is a mercantile agent ?

Long questions

  1. When does the property in the goods sold pass from the seller to the buyer ?
  2. Describe the rules relating to passing of property in the sale of goods.
  3. Discuss the nature of, C.I.F., F.O.B, and ex-ship contracts.

Performance of the contract

Shorts questions

  1. What is meant by delivery?
  2. What are the various kinds of delivery of goods?
  3. In a buyer bound to accept delivery of goods by installments?
  4. Is the seller bound to afford the buyer a reasonable opportunity of examination for goods?

Long questions

  1. Define the term ‘Delivery’. Discuss the rules relating to delivery in the sale of Goods Act.
  2. What remedy is available to the buyer if the seller makers (a) a delivery in excess of contract quantity; (b) a short delivery and (c) a delivery of contract goods mixed with other goods?

 Unpaid Seller

Shorts question

  1. What is an unpaid seller?
  2. 2.    What is the right of an unpaid seller?
  3. When can an unpaid seller lose his lien on the goods?
  4. When can an unpaid seller resell the goods?

Long questions

  1. When is a seller of the goods deemed to be an unpaid seller? What are the rights against the goods and the buyer personally?
  2. What is meant by an unpaid seller? Given the circumstances when an unpaid seller is entitled to a lien on the goods sold? When does he lose his lien?
  3. When is a seller of goods deemed to be an unpaid seller under the sales of Goods Act? When can an unpaid seller re-sell the goods? Explain.


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