‘Primary Data’ and its various method

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What do you mean by ‘Primary Data’? Explain the various method of collecting primary data?

The primary data are those data which are collected fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character.

The various method of collecting primary data are as follow:

(1)Observation method

●      Observation becomes a scientific tool and method of data collection for a researcher, when it serves a formulation research purpose, is systematically planned and recorded and is subjected to cheek and control on validity and reliability.

●      Under this, the information is instance , in a study relating to consumer behaviour, the investigator instead of asking the brand of wrist watch used by responding may himself look at the watch.

(2)Interview Method

●      The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral-verbal stimuli and reply in terms of oral-verbal responses.

●      This method can be used through personal interview and if possible, through telephone interview.

(a)Personal interview:

Personal interview method requires a person know as the interviewer asking question generally in a face-to-face contact to the other person or person.

Before the personal interview resumes have been fetched from job sites or consultants as per job requirements finalized by the organization

Following criteria are being evaluated by one or more interviewer.

(1) Past experience of the candidate.

(2) Technical or professional skills.

(3) Balance between professional and personal lives.

(4) Candidate is an initiator or follower who will judge leadership skills.

(5) Evaluation of attitude based on his/her approach under different circumstances.

(6) Body language.

(b)Telephone Interview:

This method of collecting information consists in contracting respondents or telephone itself. It is not widely used method but plays important part in industrial surveys, particularly is developed regions

Merits are:

(1)It is more flexible in comparison to the mailing method .

(2)It is faster than other methods, i.e. a quick way of obtaining information .

(3)It is cheaper than a personal interview method.

(4)Recall is easy as callbacks are simple and economical.

(5)There is a higher rate of response than mail methods.

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